Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Changing Conversation.

I talk to my wife more than anyone else. And I listen selectively to most of what she says. Otherwise, though, conversations have somehow become sound bites...pieces, McNuggets. And I find myself thinking in those terms: "What's the perfect Nugget for that discussion?" And most conversations, now, take place while we are alone and diddling in cyberspace. We communicate, but human contact has almost disappeared. It's like the ultimate evolution (devolution?) of the cocktail party...where we interacted but preferably were anesthetized appropriately first. Is this a bad thing? We do save on deodorant. And it is our choice. And we all force ourselves to interact with others from time to's a necessity. This changing conversation does allow us to think before we speak...write. But...everyday...we see that's not someones choice, as they still figure out how to stick their foot in their post.