Sunday, March 25, 2012

Out The Heart of Darkness....

Dick Cheney woke this morning feeling strange...he was happy. A great weight had been lifted from his chest. He felt a new emotion...could this be love? He decided to give up hunting and shooting friends in the face...he called a press conference to admit he lied all the time and was wrong about Iraq...he endorsed Obama for president...he called his daughter Mary to say "I love you," and admitted he always questioned his own masculinity and then he joined the Human Rights Campaign. He was no longer a Dick...he became a Richard.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Who will be the last to die?

The United States is still in infancy as a nation. Afghanistan has been around a while longer...archaeologists have evidence of humans there around 50,000 BC. And, even if you allow that we started this longest war in our history for the meaningful goal of killing Bin Laden...revenge for 9/11...can there be a purpose left? Our children are dying. One of our soldiers will be the last to die. And for what reason? Will they die during the last transport out of Afghanistan? Will they die because we screwed up and burned their holiest book? Will they die at the hands of a mother or sister or father of someone Robert Bales murdered? Can there be a reason left for any of the children we sent over there to die? I often contemplate the meaning of life.... I don't want to have to search for meaning in their death.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where's St. Patrick when we need him?

Legend credits St. Patrick with banishing all the snakes from Ireland, chasing them into the sea after they attacked him during a 40-day fast. There may be some truth to this legend, and there be snakes to chase here, today. The symbology of snakes is as old as time. From the Garden of Eden...near the headwaters of the Tigris and Euphrates in Iraq...(ironic...huh?)...snakes have been metaphors for evil, sex, and perversion. And evil lurks in Republican legislation all across this country. At first, I laughed at their agenda, somehow thinking they could never pull this off...bust unions, end Roe V. Wade, turn the clock back for women on battles they won years ago...couldn't happen. Well, now we need St. Patrick again.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mitt Says "Hi!"...again and again.

Mitt called me the other day. He seemed a little stiff...he would not stop talking. I tried to say "Hi"...and I asked him how he liked our Ohio trees...(were they the right height??). (I prefer smaller trees, myself. Less damage when I run in to one.) Anyhow...he went on and on...and said how I need to get out and vote on "Super Tuesday." I did try to tell him I had already voted...but he would not shut up. I asked him for his phone number - since he has mine - but he just said to tell my friends he said "Hi." So there you go. Then, Ann, his wife called...same thing...she would not listen to me so I had to hang up. The next day, Barbara Bush called and said she wants me to vote for Mitt. I asked how her son Georgie was doing...but she kept talking like the others! No phone etiquette any more! Mitt called again...and said the exact same thing as the first call. A senior moment? And, today, I got "An Urgent call about Mitt" from Rob Portman, our Republican Senator. Guess what? He would not listen to a word I said. The logical conclusion? Republicans are deaf.