Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Season is Orange and it's the new Black....

All Hollows' Eve approaches...terror, the fear of death and an end to all we know closes in on us like hearing the Doctor say "CANCER." The wife screams again at the screen as Donald waves his tiny hands. The good voice in my head and soul whispers "It will be just fine." And doubt makes my bowels ache like when remembering what the Doctor when the term paper was due...or the project was not ready. Fear grows in my world at the perfect time of year...don't go in the cellar...climb the stairs and die...Ghosts...demons...even EVIL...does not really exist...really...REALLY! Why do we like being scared? Just a rush. Adrenaline. Is Donald also a specter? He'll just be just blowin' in the the Nobel Poet wrote and sang.

But Donald is just a pumpkin and all pumpkins turn to dust.