Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What Goes Around....

It was a small erector set...mom frequently found secondhand toys for us to play with...but it captured my imagination enough to spend hours creating things. Like most things I had, I can't remember now what happened to it. Now, I'm at the other end of life and learned that men my age need that toy again.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Boy, am I....

Ain't this place strange and wonderful and confusing and scary? Seems like every day it's more and more. It started for me when I was a boy...and the sky was full of stars and clouds and the moon. Why are they there? Why am I? Many questions and lots of clouds. And then the TV said the President was killed. And my dad beat hell out of mom. And, and, and.... Never stops...every day it's more.

Now I'm 65 and wonder how that is? I'm happy I'm not dead...I think. And don't have answers to the questions that boy asked. There are no answers. Just questions scudding across the blue sky on a fine day to breathe. And some damn fine people to share the air with. And awful people. A lot of awful people.

I am gonna watch those clouds make it to the other side of the sky and those stars fill it up...and share my air.