Sunday, January 31, 2016

Medal of Honor

I am an unapologetic fan of NCIS. When I was in the Navy, it was called NIS, or the Naval Investigative Service. Myself and friends were often concerned about any NIS agents sniffing around our world...they had large sniffers. In 1992, the NIS mission was again clarified and became a mostly civilian agency. Roy D. Nedrow, a former United States Secret Service (USSS) executive, was appointed as the first civilian director and the name changed from Naval Investigative Service to Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Nedrow oversaw the restructuring of NCIS into a Federal law enforcement agency with 14 field offices controlling field operations in 140 locations worldwide. And I have become a fan of the TV show. Early on, I was not a fan of Mark Harmon...he seemed full of himself and his fame. But he's grown into the role of Jethro Gibbs in a way unlike any other role he's played. And my favorite episode stars Charles Durning in what might be called his best performance as an aging Medal of Honor winning Marine trying to turn himself in for killing his best friend on Iwo Jima. I couldn't find the complete episode, but this taste is one of the best scenes...: 

When you get the it.