Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I was mildly catatonic behind the wheel...no heat, wind and 17 degrees penetrates an old car like an icicle. Dazed, 4 minutes till my start time at 7:45 AM (I'm a crossing guard at Warren and Clifton),..then eyes wide, crashing and tearing of metal on metal right behind me. I turned to my driver's side mirror and saw pieces/parts of the pickup truck parked one space back and other debris in a cloud swerving to my left. I lifted my eyes and an SUV was 15 feet in the air 20 feet away from my window... flipping right side up and facing East in the West bound lanes it fell hard and bounced on its tires. Everything in that car blew open like a pinata and filled every space to the windshield. I could not see any people. I called 911 and was told the police would be there very soon. Then the passenger door opened and a woman slowly climbed out. The same with the driver. A passenger on an Eastbound bus stopped by this scene like everyone else, got out and ran to the two people. He told them he was a doctor and looked them over. Cop cars were surrounding us now and the wail of sirens everywhere as fire trucks moved in and an ambulance appeared. I'm outside my car now and asked a cop if I was okay parked where I was and he told me I was out of the way there. My car had a few plastic bits on it, but no other obvious damage, so I slowly walked across Clifton and by the SUV...both driver and passenger were without visible injuries. I was alive...my car survived...those involved were okay. Some would be late to work and irritated...but Karma seemed kind today.  So I'm happy!