Thursday, May 1, 2014

Vengeance Heroine

It seems that almost every day we hear about a death row calamity. More states than I ever remember are trying and failing in their attempt to kill their murderers with a strange brew of expensive chemicals. Apparently the companies that previously sold the killing drugs have gotten out of that business (morality in business?) and left states in a lurch and seemingly unable to put together the right brew. Okay, we hear the methods used to kill criminals have changed over time because they were considered cruel and unusual. Why can't we get creative and also save some of our dwindling and nonexistent public funds? I assume there are  - or there should be - stockpiles of heroin in evidence lockers all over the country. And there must be physicians that could tell the states' executioners exactly how much to use to guarantee success. Is there anyone out there that would consider this cruel and unusual? Unless they're against the death penalty (like I am) no matter what? I know...I'm asking the government to succeed with their first attempt at something...silly me.