Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Neverending Story

It seems like the last political circus called the presidential race never ended. And, yet,  it begins again. Most of us wish, at least, for a few moments of humor along this far too long road. The first candidate to announce, Ted Cruz, should...will provide some. Our nation has borrowed many things from the United Kingdom that we've tweaked and made our own. We would be much better off if we could only attempt to emulate their political campaign rules, at least as far as their length. Here we are in March of 2015, beginning the long march toward November of 2016, when we can finally vote. Combine all that time with all the money wasted and lies told and we see a very broken system. We've all seen how raucous sessions from their House of Commons and Lords can be, yet they can be so sensible in the length of time wasted on the campaigns. About 6 weeks. I know that hoping for common sense in a nation that says it's perfectly all right for corporations and the rich to spend as much as they want through PACS and other methods to buy the elections. But, we are still a Democracy, in a way, and we, the people, can still, there is still some hope. Fingers crossed.