Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mitt Says "Hi!"...again and again.

Mitt called me the other day. He seemed a little stiff...he would not stop talking. I tried to say "Hi"...and I asked him how he liked our Ohio trees...(were they the right height??). (I prefer smaller trees, myself. Less damage when I run in to one.) Anyhow...he went on and on...and said how I need to get out and vote on "Super Tuesday." I did try to tell him I had already voted...but he would not shut up. I asked him for his phone number - since he has mine - but he just said to tell my friends he said "Hi." So there you go. Then, Ann, his wife called...same thing...she would not listen to me so I had to hang up. The next day, Barbara Bush called and said she wants me to vote for Mitt. I asked how her son Georgie was doing...but she kept talking like the others! No phone etiquette any more! Mitt called again...and said the exact same thing as the first call. A senior moment? And, today, I got "An Urgent call about Mitt" from Rob Portman, our Republican Senator. Guess what? He would not listen to a word I said. The logical conclusion? Republicans are deaf.

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