Monday, November 14, 2011

"Personhood" and a heartbeat....

My wife has noted that I can cry at commercials. I am a sensitive guy. It's not always true, but if the commercial includes a cool piece of music from an ancient place, I might get misty. Rarely, though, do they make me think. Recently, an ad for a product to help control know...gas...had a line where an interviewer read a resume and said, "...flatulent in 3 languages...," -that made me think. The thought was strange and perverse, but a thought. I was immediately imagining a talking anus. Pursed lips shaping words, first in English, then Spanish and finally Russian. Within no time, my ass was making speeches! It was eloquent...loquacious...mind numbing. The talking ass voiced a thought of its own: "I am a person!' Another ass in the room, a Republican, seconded that motion and introduced their "Personhood/Heartbeat" Amendment.... The war on women continues and escalates.


  1. I think this brave new person ought to throw his hat into the Republican presidential candidate ring. Meet the new anti-Romney!

  2. I am baffled by blogs! I see Erin O'Brien, a dear friend and fellow blogger, but the last time I made a comment, it never appeared. Everything seems to require a password and I now have acquired so many my head is bursting from overload. So I may just be talking to myself, but Mike linked to this in a comment on my Timeline. I had no idea that you, Mike, are behind my favorite picture, at the moment, of poor old Lady Liberty! It's a real favorite of mine. Oh, well, here goes whatever.

    1. That picture of Lady Liberty was posted on Facebook and I borrowed it. Feel free to use it anytime.