Monday, March 19, 2012

Who will be the last to die?

The United States is still in infancy as a nation. Afghanistan has been around a while longer...archaeologists have evidence of humans there around 50,000 BC. And, even if you allow that we started this longest war in our history for the meaningful goal of killing Bin Laden...revenge for 9/11...can there be a purpose left? Our children are dying. One of our soldiers will be the last to die. And for what reason? Will they die during the last transport out of Afghanistan? Will they die because we screwed up and burned their holiest book? Will they die at the hands of a mother or sister or father of someone Robert Bales murdered? Can there be a reason left for any of the children we sent over there to die? I often contemplate the meaning of life.... I don't want to have to search for meaning in their death.


  1. Mike, this is a thought that breaks my heart in yet another place. How many times can a heart be broken before it becomes like Dick Cheney's old heart and needs to be replaced? Of course, if I should be so fortunate as to get a new one such as his and become a Richard instead of a Dick......oh, never mind. At 77, I wouldn't think of taking a heart that could be put to better use by someone younger. I do say, we need to get the hell out of Afghanistan, ASAP! We've avenged the deaths of those who were killed on 9/11, many times over. What the fuck have we done? Nobody wins or has ever won in Afghanistan!!

    1. Lucy, your heart seems stronger and truer than any younger person.