Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life aboard a Frigate....

I've packed my duffel and bid adieu to friends, lovers, and reality and stepped aboard my new ship, the Frigate All. She picked me up at the East 9th Street Pier here in Cleveland with the sounds of gulls chirping overhead and the smell of frozen fish floating around us. I have to turn my back on my world for a few moments...the numbness in my head and heart is sending screams of I don't care out my piehole. How else is an old liberal idealist to keep on moving? The brick wall my head kisses daily...sometime hourly...needs the blood and flesh hosed off again...and a nice scent - patchouli maybe? - applied generously. I won't be gone for long. You see, I care. And I rage against the dying of the light...of compassion and fairness and sharing, as the Mad Hatter takes over. Maybe some mushroom tea? Please pass the sugar.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my god. You and I must have been bellied up to the same trough.

    It's crazy crazy crazy ...