Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Legacy?

What is the legacy of humans? Is it what differentiates us from the other species? There is the opposable thumb. And we are the only animal that has sex over the phone.... But, it seems, everyday, another animal is making a tool or showing intelligence, true care and affection. We do legitimize things, like marriage, with ceremony and law to express importance. But do we know that other creatures aren't somehow celebrating or emphasizing their lives in a similar way? Absence of communication between species allows for imagination. Is our legacy war? Or the actions of our politicians? The Holocaust? Or love? I don't believe any of these things makes me feel special. This made me feel special. For a while.,0,5287053.photogallery?index=lat-gay-wedding_loug8inc20110724084934

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  1. WTF, indeed! And, WTF haven't I ever visited your blog before today? What a great look you've created! I don't read many blogs; I think we're both friends of Erin O'Brien, and I read hers now and then. But I'm just not a very bloggy person. You've asked an interesting question here, but it's rather on the order of, 'What is the meaning of life?' I'm of the mind that questions such as that can best be answered in retrospect. What is the legacy of dinosaurs? One of my favorite books is an old one, "Man's Search for Meaning," by Viktor Frankel. Check it out. Love your words of wisdom; do you abide by them? You don't have many members or followers? Does that make you sad, or is this more of a personal exercise? Are we, perchance, neighbors? I live on Parkside Drive. I'll be back.