Monday, July 30, 2012

Lord & Lady Voldemitt Horse Around....

Lord, Lord, Lord...the London headlines in papers like "The Daily Prophet" read, "Mitt the Twit." Lord Voldemitt was perplexed by the reaction he'd received. And usually they would say "You know who the Twit," leaving him unnamed. But not this time! How could they rain on his foreign policy coming out party? To insure his immortality, he decided he needed to plant another add to those in Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, and Panama. He would stop by Gringotts soon and set it up. He could hide a piece of his soul in his vault far beneath the London streets. His wife, Lady Ann seemed to be faring no better after her "You People" blunder last week. And, in London for the Olympics, for her horse Rafalca's Dressage competition, she could join Voldemitt upon his return from Poland. They would hope for no more gaffes and Rafalca's perfection.

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