Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pope Francis....

I can't say "we" have a new pope...I grew up Catholic...born into it from dad's side and kept at it even after he left. Those years included about 5 years that I was an "EX-CATHOLIC" - having decided to truly dislike the Church. Drugs and philosophy helped me mellow and I lost my hate with my faith. So, I don't have a new pope. But there is a new pope...and I have an affinity for Francis of Assisi, who could talk to the animals. We need Democrats that can do that. And I like this pope's personality. Maybe I don't agree with his beliefs on gays and abortion and birth control and other issues, but I think he'll be an outspoken improvement. He will butt heads with those Catholics in this country that want the Church to change, or simply will choose to disagree with Rome on those issues. But the Church can't change to suit Catholics. They need to either find another religion they can live with...or admit they are bad Catholics and want to stay that way. Up to them.      

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