Monday, October 6, 2014


Terror first climbs from beneath a bed
And from the shadows...of the dead?
As our journey makes its way
It moves from darkness...into day.

A short walk to an uncle's viewing,
The aunt's tears and her despair.
Grief repeats with no reprieve
And somehow it turns normal.

"Terror is as terror does,"
A Forrest once might say.
Let it in and it becomes,
I will turn away.

"ISIS is as ISIS does,"
Terror is their game.
And each day it's death we see
More Horrors in their name.

Then one fine day...bright and serene,
Like 9/11/2001,
You stop to smell some coffee...
And then you smell no more......


  1. I am not a critic or a reader of poetry, much. I thought the first paragraph was terrific. The second started off well enough, and then you either stopped the rhyming and cadence, or intentionally changed direction. I don't understand the sequence of the last paragraph...and i'm damned angry about the last sentence. Don't you dare do that to me, Michael Lawless!!

  2. Thanks Lucy, but I'm not suicidal. I meant that even on such a beautiful day - as that one was - that next cup could be your last one, so don't waste time in fear.

  3. Well, that's a relief! I think I knew that, but you've become such an important part of my FB life, as well as my fantasy life...just a little...that I don't want to think of this without you in it. I'm always so pleased to see that great picture of the moon and the ship, which you often use. Did you recall that I had first posted it? I was quite flattered when you used it. Do you still have terrors? I have had an interesting history with mine through the years. But I kept on confronting them, and about 20 years ago I had finally overcome all that were of any real importance! It was quite a journey.

  4. Thank you, Lucy. I do recall stealing your picture and using it often...I was a sailor so it meant something. I do try not to let terror overcome me, and as I creep down that road of life I realize, first, that no one gets out of town alive. And then, to make it all worthwhile, I find joy in my friends, like yourself, and my world and the fear seems insignificant.