Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer in the City....


So, summer's here. It is June in Cleveland. Lazy, hazy, crazy days are here...till all Hell breaks loose next month. I was a liberal...socialist...protester last century. And, when in the streets, we were never alone. Those against the war in Vietnam shared the street with every movement and one issue group that was out there. And then there were the anarchists...those that just wanted chaos, and could, at any time, create it, cause it to appear from nothing. Pacifists and anti-war marchers were all kumbaya  until anarchists took over. And, if you get a convention...for any party...they will come. Our leaders say they're ready. We can only hope. There's a Death Star hovering over Cleveland...and it's not fiction or fantasy. 

Click here for the summer I would hope for...:

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