Monday, July 17, 2017

Another Little Trumpster

A small voice from below drifted into our apartment..."Granma, why do we have to walk way down this street to pick up my sister?"
"Because she's in school and it's our job every day after school."
"Why does she go to school??"
"Every child must go to school. It's how you'll learn things. In fact, next year you'll have to go, too."
"Why do I have to go??"
"So you can learn about things."
"I don't have to go!"
"Granma...I already know everything!" 


  1. Oh, Michael, that is so very poignant! The Oscar Wilde quote, I mean. Was there ever a time when I thought I knew everything? Oh, probably, I can be quite egotistical! Are you familiar with the expression, 'I'm an egotist with an inferiority complex'? That's me.

    1. I think all humans are egoists with feelings of inferiority. But we can learn from these young folks.