Monday, May 8, 2017

French Wisdom

Wow... on April 23rd 2017, France held an election for President. No candidate had a majority, so a runoff was held May 7th. France elected the centrist candidate, Emmanuel Macron, an outsider who favors NATO and the European Union, over the right-wing Fascist, Marine Le Pen. I am very pleased with the outcome, but I would like to suggest that the way France holds their elections is far superior to our own. (Most Democracies' elections are superior to our own.) 

France historically gets a very bad rap from Americans. Sometimes subtle and sometimes obvious jabs are often thrown their way. Here, though, is something to emulate. Our elections are ridiculous and a monumental waste of money, attention, and our nerves. 

So, France, I salute thee on the day after a comfortable win for reason...: 


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