Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sessions' Blatant Prison Profiteering

Yoda Sessions has stepped from the shadows to make the most blatant move yet for this Cabinet of Trumpigari. He has directed all federal prosecutors to ask for the maximum sentence in each case that comes before them. Our Attorney General is very anti-crime (except for white collar and ethics violations). The stories detailing this obvious plan to increase profits for companies running our private prisons are linked below. The swamp is alive and getting more obvious. 


  1. Let me try this again! In most ways, you and I are on the same page, so perhaps you hate the prison industrial complex as much as I do. I nearly wept as he read his charge to all those involved to give harsher sentences. This, as my daughter would say, is a clusterfuck. And it's out of control!

  2. Exactly, Lucy. It's like SuperMan Bizzaro world cartoons from the 70's.